Timing Belt Replacement

What is a timing belt?

Your car’s timing belt is one of the car’s most important belts . This belt allows the crankshaft to drive the camshaft, which in turn opens and closes the valves. Without this belt, the engine can’t run.

Should I get my timing belt replaced when it’s recommended by the manufacturer?

Absolutely, YES! It is important to stay ahead of your belt’s lifespan — traditionally replacing it every four years or 60,000 miles or, in newer vehicles, every 100,000 miles. Be sure to check your vehicle’s maintenance manual to see what your car’s manufacturer suggests.

Should I wait to get this service when it’s recommended by the manufacturer?

You don’t have to have it replaced before the service period but we definitely recommend that you periodically have your timing belt inspected; there are some clues as to when the belt might break. During the inspection we will look for signs of wear, such as cracks, shredding or excessive slack. We’ll also look for signs of oil leaks from the adjacent seals, which can damage the belt and considerably shorten its life. Checking your timing belt for wear or looseness will let you know if the belt may likely break soon or if it may possibly jump a notch. Jumping a notch is almost as bad as a break since the valves may open at the wrong time and then be struck by the pistons.

What clues might I have about a bad timing belt?

If you hear a slapping sound coming from your engine, it could be the result of a loose timing belt, which is hitting the plastic timing belt cover. To determine if your timing belt is loose, ask us to check its tension.


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