Check Engine Light Services

So there’s something not quite right! If you’ve got a warning light on your dashboard that was blinking at you yesterday and now it remains on instead, what do you do? No, the answer is not to put a piece of electrical tape over the warning light and ignore it. The best answer is to bring your car into Wyoming Service Center and let us see why your car’s computer is complaining. Surprisingly, most warnings are not critical but for those that are you really don’t want to ignore them

What makes a warning light come on?

What makes a warning light come on? 
Today’s cars are manufactured with complex interrelated systems. On-board computers continuously monitor and store information concerning the performance of these systems. A warning light comes on because the computer has sensed a signal from one of the systems or components that has gone outside of its normal operating range.
 The computer then sends a signal to turn on the light to let you know something is wrong!

A short trip to Wyoming Service Center will result in in a quick diagnostic and if it is just a reminder we can turn off the light or if something needs attention we can handle that for you too.


“I arrived a little early for my appointment yesterday and saw the owner, Alan Bowers, go out of his way to help two different customers save money on their repairs. It makes me feel good when I see a business owner put their customer before them self and do what is genuinely the right thing. I will keep taking my cars to Alan Bowers at Wyoming Service Center for service.”

-Erik Fabricius-Olsen

Let me start by saying that I am a mechanic. I’ve wrenched on cars and motorcycles since I was 8 years old. Sometimes I get busy or just run into a job that I don’t have the energy for. When this happens, I go to the Wyoming Service Center and let Alan handle it. I’ve used Alan for about 20 years now. I go there because he is an excellent mechanic, something that is hard to find these days. He’ll get it right the first time. Whenever I have a friend who needs car repair I always send them to the Wyoming Service Center because I know Alan will do them right!

– Steve Karr

Excellent general auto repair+service in convenient location. WSC has provided complete maintenance care to my vehicles for a year. In that time, I have had numerous conversations on a myriad of mechanical problems, methods and materials for achieving better automotive performance. Owner Alan Bowers always listens and responds with most practical and economic solution, with full billing explanation and disclosure.

– E. Dwyer