How to Choose the Best Car Mechanic

How to choose the best car mechanic because when it comes to your car you don’t want big problems down the road.

How to Choose the Best Car Mechanic

Welcome to the Wyoming Service Center Blog!  We understand choosing a mechanic is an important decision.  We take seriously the responsibility that falls into our hands each time a customer leaves their vehicle with us.   We are a family operated business and the bottom line is that we love cars so much that they are our hobby as well as our livelihood.   We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience to help you and your car have many long and happy miles together.

Below are a few things to look at when shopping for a car mechanic.

License and Certification Please

There are a huge number of people who love to work on cars but not all grease monkeys are certified mechanics.  Before you hand over your keys to the shop down the road ask these questions.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Where did they go to school?
  • Do they have a mechanic’s certification?
  • Are their license/certifications current?

It’s important to have your car serviced by a license mechanic.  Work from an unlicensed technician can void the warranty on parts.  For example; tires or after-market shock absorbers.  It may even void the warranty on your vehicle.

Meet the Crew

Cell phones and the internet have made it too easy to schedule an appointment without ever speaking directly to the business.  Any mechanic can “fix” a vehicle, but are they dedicated to performing high-quality work that guarantees you the best job at the best price.  At Wyoming Service Center, we strive to provide top notch service every time we work on a vehicle.

Can I Quote You?

Shop around and compare quotes.   There are standard prices for many repairs, especially if it’s through your insurance.  That doesn’t mean you should jump on the lowest quote over a high-quality service center.   Find the middle ground, a shop that is willing to work with you to get your car in tip top shape without breaking the bank.  A good shop will tailor their services to fit your schedule and budget.

What is the Word Around Town?

Ask for recommendations from family, friends and other people you trust.  Don’t wait to find a service center until you need one.   Knowing where you can take your car when it starts making a strange noise or refuses to start, can save you from rushing into a last-minute, unwise decision.

For more information on selecting the perfect mechanic for you and your car, call Wyoming Service Center at (505) 294-6723 to schedule an appointment or stop by to meet the pit crew.  They offer emission testing, engine repairs, used car inspections, oil, lube and filter changes and so much more.

They are always happy to hear from new and returning customers.