Steering | Suspension

Most people don’t think about it, but excessively worn steering components can lead to a total loss of your steering.

Modern cars have very sophisticated steering and suspension systems. In more luxurious models, these systems do an amazing job isolating the passengers from road vibrations and noise. One of the ways manufacturers control the costs of new cars is by making many components out of much lighter materials than in the past. While they function well, they are not as durable as older, stronger parts used in older models. This means that very minor bumps and bangs on your front end, particularly against the front wheels, can easily damage the components. Most of the time, minor damage to your steering gear may be undetectable from the driver’s seat.

While a catastrophic failure of a part of your cars suspension typically is not as dangerous as a steering failure, worn suspension parts can cause poor handling and a rough ride. Your ability to control your car at high speeds typical on interstate highways can be dangerously reduced.

Frequently an inspection by a skilled mechanic is the only way to spot worn steering and suspension parts. Don’t risk the safety of you and your family, stop in soon so I can check out your car and keep your travels safe!