Oil, Lube, Filter

Getting your oil changed is an excellent time for a good mechanic to look over your car and prevent break downs in the future!

Sure, we are all rushed for time these days. That’s why all of the instant oil change shops are so popular. Of course, everyone wants a great price too.

Here’s the problem. You run your extremely hot car into Zippy’s Speedy Oil Change shop. Their main goal is to get you back out the door ASAP. That’s how they make their money, lots of cars flying through. Did the mechanic actually put air in your tires, top off the coolant, put that silly little washer back on the drain plug? Maybe… or maybe he just handed you a sheet of paper with a bunch of check marks in little boxes.

He probably didn’t make much effort looking for hidden grease fittings to perform the “Lube” part of the oil change. Nor did he take the few extra minutes required to look over things that could cause you problems a few days down the road. Why? Because he’s not a mechanic and he’s not able to fix anything if he did find it. He’s a Zippy’s Speedy Oil Change Technician!

Enough said, treat your car to the right maintenance and your car won’t leave you stranded with expensive repair bills that could have been avoided.