Brake Repair

Don’t wait too long to repair the brakes on your car!

The brakes on your care are one of the most important systems for your safety. Worn brakes or leaking brake fluid can reduce your cars stopping power. Getting your brakes inspected by a good mechanic only takes a few minutes.

Many modern cars use disc style brakes on all four wheels. Disc brakes offer better all around performance than drum style brakes. Disc brakes are usually equipped with a device that starts to chirp or make some sort of noise when they have worn to the point of needing pad replacement. If you continue to drive too long past the point where the pads need to be replaced your repair costs may increase substantially. That’s because you’ll damage the rotors from metal to metal contact due to the excessive wear. Any good mechanic will always turn the rotors so that the new pads have a new smooth surface to work on. When you run with worn pads too long, you may damage the rotors so much that they can’t be turned, they’re too thin for that. You just bought new rotors, not cheap!

Drum brakes that are used on some cars and light trucks will usually not give you any warning that they are ready for replacement. If you hear noise coming from drum brakes you may have already worn the drums past the point of replacement. Get your brakes inspected today!